5 Companies that are killing it at Social Selling

So you are interested in starting to incorporate social selling into your market strategy. Or you are on the cusp of turning your social media brand into a business. Either way, this article will break down 5 companies that are absolutely killing it at social selling today.

Don’t be discouraged by the big brand names, these companies have paved the way in social selling. They give examples of how any business can ultimately thrive at social selling. A lot of what these companies do can be replicated for free. So you don’t need an entire workforce in order to be successful at social selling. 

1.  NIKE

Not the typical company you think of when you think of social selling, NIKE continues to dominate the social selling platform. The biggest factor? Brand awareness. 

Think about a song that has a Nike reference. Airforce one’s, Jordans, the checks on the sweats, we’ve all heard it. Nike didn’t pay these rappers to make a reference. Yet there they are, such a strong presence in the music culture. 

This is the art of social selling, branding your product so well that it is almost a cult-like following. Nike is also a huge ambassador of empowering all kinds and continues to teach and encourage rather than push sales. 

In fact, in 2015 they made more money, with limited edition shoe sales. These sales continue to grow each year, making Nike more money every time someone shares their limited-edition kicks.  

2. Go pro

When it comes to supporting their community Go Pro does it right. Instead of shooting massive spendy commercials, Go Pro creates a contest where people enter their best content and can get paid if used in commercials. 

How is this social selling you ask? Well, it is teaching the potential customers that their product is so good, anyone can use it, and create commercial quality content. 

So even if you enter, and didn’t get chosen, bet you are telling all your friends about that amazing shot you got with your Go Pro. 

3. Spotify

There is something in human nature that makes people want to share music with others. And Spotify takes advantage of this. Spotify started its social selling campaign when it allowed your friends to see what you were listening to. Then they bumped it up by showing a year-end of statistics that people could share to their IG/Snapchat story. 

This is when we see how Spotify started to excel at social selling. Because if you didn’t have Spotify or use Spotify you weren’t able to participate with the statistics. So, more and more people were signing up.

Then we see a jump in how the app was set up. It was easier than ever to share a song you were currently listening to. Either with messenger, IG story, or even Facebook. When you think of social selling, Spotify has the sharing portion down.  

When was the last time you Spotify continues Share your Spotify year, share what you are listening to?

4. Wendy’s

If you thought Restaurants can’t social sell, Wendy’s will continue to prove you wrong. Not only are they known for their witty responses on Twitter, they also have 106,000 followers on twitch. 

How do you ask? Risky wit and hilarious marketing team. At first, everyone thought Wendy’s twitch account was a joke. But they continued to stream games and even dropped a diss track which includes 5 songs and is a full 10 minutes. It’s called We beefin’ and yes it is real. 

Social selling like this can be risky, but as Wendy’s Twitter bio says “We like our tweets the same way we like to make our hamburgers: better than anyone expects from a fast food joint.” Stay sassy Wendy’s we are here for it.

5. National geographic

Two words: Shark week. This phenomenon blew away Twitter, Facebook, and IG. anyone who has social media has seen #Sharkweek trending. And all the glorious memes that came with this social selling technique. 

Nat Geo has since run with the social selling, offering facebook followers free behind the scenes safari adventures (on FB live) and their current campaign #birdyourworld. This is the National geographics way of creating another venture like the tag shark week. 

We can’t wait to see all the great memes and the following this tag will get by the end of the year.

Social selling has become a key component to most industries and companies are waking up to the huge potential that social media offers. There are so many different ways companies can be successful with social selling, check out the five companies we provided that are killing it in the social selling space. 

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