Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Follow

An essential aspect of successful marketing programs is staying up to date on the trends, latest news, and best practices across the field. Prominent resources for staying on the leading edge of what’s working and what’s not, includes blogs specifically about the digital marketing industry which include topics ranging from search engine enhancement to conversion optimisation and social media marketing.

Following top online marketing blogs keeps you well informed and also helps you understand the best strategies and how you can excel. Let’s take a look at 10 of the leading and most successful digital marketing blogs:

The Moz Blog

Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian MuessigMoz and initially named SEOmoz, Moz started in 2004. The Moz Blog is only one of the best digital marketing blogs for SEO where you can effortlessly learn all the expertise about online marketing tactics and strategies. The blog musters specialists from the industry to contribute their insights, experiences, advice, how-tos and much more. Workshops and training, beginners Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) toolkits, Q&A, and the blog are a few of the primary marketing resources the Moz Blog provides.

Search Engine Land

Founded by Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman, Search Engine Journal is a well-known source for SEO-related news. The blog  covers all aspects of the search marketing industry and features breaking stories, hot topics, industry trends, and data projection forecasts related to local search, retail, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft Bing. It also has a series of live presentations, discussions, and tutorials led by Search Engine Land’s editorial team.


Rick Perreault founded Unbounce. Their blog covers topics related to creating, integrating landing pages and conversion optimisation. It publishes scientifically-proven tips and best practices about landing pages as well as insights shared in posts to help marketers increase conversions on landing pages, improve content and get the best results from e-commerce. If you’ve always struggled to create landing pages that convert and do the job as well as looking to get more site visits, Unbounce is the place to go.


It was originally founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006. HubSpot is a reliable source of information for those who are in marketing, sales, and customer service. It gives readers the effective tools needed to boost productivity, initiate friendly sales processes, and successfully connect with customers. One of the really interesting features of the blog is the division of articles into sections, so you can easily choose from sales, marketing, or service.

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the leading marketers in the country who has built successful companies of his own such as CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics. He is also a consultant for various Fortune 100 brands and possesses an outstanding level of marketing expertise that is unmatched by most of the industry. His blog posts feature engaging content, essentially in video and podcast format that are useful regardless of your marketing viewpoint. It is one of the best marketing blogs for SEO tips and tricks as well as extensive guides. This blog simply and certainly uncovers some brilliant tactics to drive a large amount of valuable traffic to the websites even in competitive industries and help in companies growth. 

Marketing Land

The founder, Danny Sullivan, is a journalist, an expert technologist, and entrepreneur. Marketing Land, a sister publication of Search Engine Land and MarTech Today, gives a great deal of valuable content on various themes and industry news. Daily publications include breaking marketing stories, industry trends, and tips and tricks of several aspects of the digital marketing industry. In addition to digital marketing best practices, the blog also touches on areas such as email marketing, new features of social media and a lot more.


The Buffer blog is a social media tool run by Leo Widrich and Joel Gascoigne.  It’s one of the top social media marketing blogs that helps business owners and marketers to build successful brands and grow their businesses on social media. More than its social media scheduling feature for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, it offers a wide collection of detailed insights on digital marketing, content marketing, and latest trends. 


Ashley Friedlein founded Econsultancy in 1999. Ashley is the president of Centaur Media PLC and is one of the most influential and connected individuals in digital and marketing and with the business as the marketing portfolio.

Econsultancy focuses on ecommerce data-driven blogs that publish content on marketing and analytics. It publishes ideas and statistics on marketing and ecommerce. It also provides in-depth reports on everything from SEO tactics to data-driven analytics to help businesses reach their marketing objectives. 

Social Media Examiner

Founded by Michael Stelzner, Social Media Examiner’s mission is to be “Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle”. The blog’s main focus is social media marketing, which includes extensive research, adept interviews, and comprehensive articles.

Social Media Examiner is the largest social media marketing resource to help brands better connect effectively with customers and promote awareness. The blog helps businesses navigate the constantly changing social media aspect and help marketers be on the leading advantage of social media with original content. 

Convince and Convert

The C&C blog founded by Jay Baer is covering topics from content marketing to customer experience. It’s the ideal resource to learn about both content & inbound marketing. The blog focuses on topics like how to optimise your website for voice search and best email subject line. Most of their content even includes templates so you can easily incorporate the recommendations that are provided.

The above-mentioned blogs can help marketers gain a lot of information regarding digital marketing and reading them from time to time is one of the best ways to obtain actionable insights and learn about the latest updates in the industry to help grow their business. 

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